Green Dog Studio has been making hanging flower pots for 20+ years. Our pots are made from terra cotta clay, glazed with Mayco Foundation glazes & once fired to 03. Jim Bob makes every single one of them in our studio in Waelder, Texas.

Interested in purchasing a pot? Awesome sauce. You’ll have to contact us or stop by one of the fabulous shops that carry our work. No, we don’t ship. Scroll down and see what Jim Bob is making these days…

Wall Pockets

The textures on each wall pocket is different. The colors are our normal palette: red, green, pistachio, yellow, blue, jade, black & purple. The inside is fully glazed. Yes, you can plant right in these wall pockets. They do have a hole to allow for drainage. If you don’t have a green thumb but still love them, use those fabulous fake succulents! Or hang it in the bathroom for towels, toothbrushes or hairbrushes? Think outside the circle!

They come in 2 sizes: $45 for the 9″ & $35 for the 6″

Bird Feeders

Oh the bird feeders. Clean design and easy to fill. They are pretty consistent in size and shape. With that being said, they are wheel thrown and do vary a tad bit. 7″ ish tall x 5″ ish wide at the base. They have a stainless steel nylon coating fishing line as the hanger. Does well against the extreme Texas heat. When the bird feeder gets yucky, run it through the dishwasher or give it a good scrub with soap and water. There are 5 small holes in the bottom to allow the rainwater to drain. $42 each


Blooms that won’t fade! Wheelthrown terra cotta flowers that will brighten any space! About 8″ across. Comes with a 36″ rod. Jim Bob varies this design with the petal shape and the center lines – sometimes a spiral, sometimes a dash? $32 each

Plant Pals

Fun lil’ critters for your plants – because plants need pals too! Your choice of an owl, flower, turtle, bird, bee, ladybug, butterfly and hen. They are glued on a 1/8″ x 12″ metal rod. The designs on the wings & bellies are decals. They are completely weatherproof and will not fade. $15 each

Hanging Flower Pot

Your plants will kiss you for planting them in a handmade flower pot! Made from good ol’ terra cotta, fired a little hotter to make that clay body tight and make the orange *POP* & glazed with a bold color! They come with a galvanized metal wire hanger. We tell everyone to put a rock in the bottom (to keep the soil in) and plant like normal pot!

So you have some choices: two sizes: big or small; 7 colors: yellow, red, purple, jade, blue, green & pistachio; and design: leaves, chatter, The All-Seeing Eye, wheat, stripes or the swallow.

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